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A'mia Woods, age 11

Since 2019 A'mia has been busy at work making plans and perfecting her slime recipe. She has been active in the entire process of branding and production by creating her own formula and selecting her graphics for marketing. 

Mamamia's Fun Factory is a kid's planet full of fun! 


 Jacrek China, age 9

In 2018 Jacrek sat down and decided he would want his kid ran business to be something that kept him constantly moving while making cash. When he stated he wanted to cut grass and wash cars and anything else handy, we knew he would take it all the way. Man of All Trades was officially established in 2018. Ever since then, he has taken the lead to do a variety of things. He's most proud of his full-line vending machine that secured its first location in 2020. Jacrek enjoys learning more about business production and entrepreneurship.  


Javonnah Carrington, age 14

Javonnah takes the lead where ever she goes. Since her time with WSJ she has managed 3 kid-ran businesses and doesn't plan to stop there. Her most recent project is her lash & eyewear online boutique Riches & Rulers. We are beyond excited to see where her ambition takes her next. 

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